Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Random Humor Post: The Worst Three Shoujo Manga of All Time

(This was taken from my tumblr)

My thoughts on three really crappy manga. Thought Twilight/Fifty Shades of Grey was bad? Think again. Enjoy (?).

Number Three: Hot Gimmick
Synopsis: Hatsumi is a doormat. She is caught between childhood friend Azusa and childhood jerk Ryouki. Azusa tried to gangrape her with his friends. He wants her to suffer. She still loves him. Ryouki is abusive. He pushed her down the stairs once, causing her to be hospitalised and he continually belittles her and hits her. She eventually falls in love with him. Her sister Akane is a "slut". She is in junior high and has 'done it' with many, many guys and tries to belittle her older sister for still being a virgin. She tries to seduce Ryouki who rejects her, and so she 'reports' Hatsumi to Ryouki's crazy control freak of a mum. This is so that her sister's relationships will never work, not that they should anyway. Oh and she eventually marries Ryouki, unless you read the alternate ending. The end.

Me: I want to know why the hell this severely problematic manga has been listed as one of the top ten manga, twice.

Number Two: Fushigi Yuugi
Synopsis: Miaka is a clumsy, dumb doormat. Her friend Yui is the opposite, but still a doormat. One day they both enter a book world. They both become priestesses. Miaka is a 'good priestess' and Yui becomes a 'bad priestess'. This is because Yui thought she was raped when she got into the book. She hates Miaka due to this and has a crush on Miaka's love interest, Tamahome. Also the majority of the male cast fall in love with Miaka. And most of them die, too. Except Tamahome. They have a happy ending. The end.

Me: I'm pretty sure I'm more interesting than a doormat yet I've never attracted the guy I like. :(

Number One: Love Celeb
Synopsis: Kirara is another clumsy doormat. She is an aspiring starlet too. Her manager, who has a crush on her, says that in order for her to succeed, she should sleep with the producers so they'll offer her contracts. She doesn't want this to happen but he forces her anyway. He also likes to grope her from time to time. Anyway, she is pushed into a room full of them and when one guy makes a move on her, she cries about her virginity. This attracts Gin, who is of course the main love interest. He tells everyone to stop, and gives her his number and (though he just met her and it's crazy) he wants her to call him maybe. He is really interested in her virginity. He likes virgins. He says it's because he doesn't like the idea of doing it with women who have done it with others but we all know that he's insecure about his sexual performance. He keeps pushing Kirara to do it with him but she doesn't want to. Of course they do eventually. He also abuses her by calling her names that are offensive to her intellect. They marry too. Another guy tries to blackmail Gin and also does it many times with Kirara. Eventually he reconciles. The end.

Me: Um, hey. I'm a virgin. Any guy like Gin is retarded, by the way...

Me on all of them: I didn't know doormats were so popular these days. Also, what's the deal with having rape as a plot point (purely to titillate the readers btw). What am I talking about, I'm in that generation who read and watched Twilight.


  1. LOLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL OMG im seriously laughing out loud from this post -- it's (as your username suggests) GENIUS!!!

    i'm somewhat ashamed to have read 2/3 of the manga here and was planning to read hot gimmick but never really came around to it...hahhaa

    I KNOW WHAT YOU MEAN WITH THE "DOORMATS"! Ugh those piss me off so badly T_T i guess it's because these manga are all shoujo and targeted at a specific age group...so i guess these manga exist to please that age group? ya'know...one girl (the girl who is reading the manga or buys it) with all these bad hot guys falling for her...i guess it fills the reader's fantasy in a way? XD

    OMGOSH ABOUT 50 SHADES OF GREY!! it was so hyped and i heard it was some dark story so i tried to read it...my goodness the only thing going through my mind 20 pgs into it is that the protagonist turned red 50x (how red can you get?) and yeah...i'll just stick to some yaoi manga with better love stories. ahaha

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    alex @ carouselstreet.com

    1. I'm really glad you enjoyed it!! LOL Sadly I've read quite a few dodgy manga but after Hot Gimmick I thought I'd better do some complaining!

      As for doormats, I agree with you there. There are some good reverse harem manga out there though, I think that the mangaka of these three just failed xD

      I was pretty hyped about 50 shades of grey too! Then I read some critical posts about it and I was like, holy moly that sounds awful xD I'll probably read it some day though and see exactly how dodgy it is xD

      Thanks for the comment! I'll definitely check out the giveaway. ^_^


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