Monday, 30 July 2012

Review Post #5

Hello everyone! Here are some reviews~

Helter Skelter
This is a pretty old manga, published in 1996, by Kyoko Okazaki. It's about a supermodel who rises to fame rapidly, however her beauty was obtained by intense cosmetic surgery. These surgeries have extreme side effects, causing her life to slowly fall apart.

Warnings: Swearing, smut-ish, some yuri scenes, drugs, alcohol/smoking, some bloodshed, dark themes, suicide

Art: 4/10 I must say, the art is really annoying, and two of the major male characters look very similar. ^_^'' The art was also unable to be properly finished because after drawing the drafts, the manga-ka got into a severe car accident.

Plot: 9/10 Excellent story, very unorthodox. It is almost sadistically fascinating to see her rise to and fall from fame, as well as the strong message about the world's twisted views on fame and beauty. Quite an intense read (9 chapters long, each chapter has around 40 pages).

My opinion: this manga is really worth checking out. I couldn't stop reading it. You get used to the art after a while, but in a way the art contributes to the story's message about 'beauty'.

The second companion book to Bleach! Quite a good read, however there were some parts that confused me. Also I did not really like how some info doubled up on the first book, Souls. The profile structure is also completely different, which kind of threw me off. Finally I felt as if there wasn't quite enough information as I would have liked. It didn't seem to cover as much as Souls did, but perhaps that is due to how long the Arrancar arc was. Still, a must have for all Bleach fans.
Rating: 7/10

Leviathan Trilogy by Scott Westerfield 
Deryn is a teenage girl in the steampunk version of World War 1. She dresses as a boy in order to get into the British Airforce. (lol can't quite remember the name). Alek is the next in line for the Hapsburg throne, but escapes with some of his trusted servants after his parents are assassinated. The two protagonists unexpectedly meet and the trilogy follows their adventures.

My thoughts: A great read that requires concentration. The characters and plot are well developed and entertaining, only I had to concentrate on the details while reading otherwise I'd have to go back and reread it. 
Rating: 8/10
Mote mote
A free otome game for Android! It has an annoying limit where you can only read one chapter every eight hours. I find that the art is quite lovely, but there is basically no plot and the translations are really awkward. But hey, it's free, so who cares? It would be nice to have a way to save some of the pictures though ^_^''

Rating: 7/10

See you guys next time~!

Monday, 23 July 2012

Review Post #4

I love free games. So here's a post about some of my faves and others I've tried in the past few months~ Yes, they are all free! At least, for Android they are, but search 'em up anyways! :)

* = denotes faves

*** = denotes ultimate fave

Plant Wars

A cute, addictive role play game in the style of typical MMORPG games. The game can be played in various stages with three different levels of difficulty and the use of plants is just so cute (inspired by Plants vs Zombies, maybe?)  

Pros: Cute art, entertaining
Cons: Takes patience to get better at

Rating: 7.5/10

Fashion Icon

You're a budding fashionista in Paris, intent on becoming the best dressed socialite in the world.

Fun, kind of addictive but ridiculously superficial. The way you have to square off against other 'girls' and the way you get a 'boyfriend' (by talking to him then keeping him happy with kisses/gifts only) is so, so, stupid. The virtual clothes also become harder to get without real cash (something I am not willing to fork out, by the way). 

And too many notifications, by the way. I have uninstalled this game due to it becoming way to difficult to 'purchase' clothes after a while. But it was fun while it lasted, so if you're bored, and are in want of a girly app, try this.

Rating: 6/10 

Alchemy classic

It's like Doodle God, but free. (You combine various elements to produce a universe)

Pros: Has a lot of combinations, nice art

Cons: I don't have the patience to go through all of them lol

Rating: 7/10


A cute alternative to Doodle Jump with a cow and many different levels of difficulty.  

Pros: Different levels of difficulty, cute art

Cons: The tilting controls feel a bit more clumsy to me than for Doodle Jump. Perhaps it's just me xD

Rating: 6/10

Cover beauty

This dress up game has the best art I have ever seen. And it's just that, really.

Pros: Gorgeous art and medium range of clothes/etc

Cons: After taking photos, you always get the same, MISSPELT notification: "You must be passio(n)ate!" -_-''

Rating: 7/10

Gyro *

A super simple addictive game where you rotate a wheel to match the colour blobs to the sections.

Pros: Simple but addictive

Cons: Difficult at times to EXACTLY position the wheel

Rating: 8.5/10 

Incredible Castle *

A refreshing take on the 'combine three' game, only you must build the tiny huts up to giant castles

Pros: Fun, strategic game

Cons: Those goddamn monsters… they are cute but annoying

Rating: 8/10

Pumpkins vs Monsters

A blatant copy of Plants vs Zombies xD Only you must connect three pumpkins before you can shoot the pumpkins at them.

Pros: Fun, fresh take

Cons: Stressful when you can't get the pumpkins xD

Rating: 7/10

Shoot the Zombirds ***

The pick of the list! This highly addictive game requires you to shoot at zombirds with your arrows. You must save the pumpkids and make sure not to run out of arrows.

Pros: Super fun and addictive

Cons: Slightly hard to get used to the controls

Rating: 9.5/10

Sleepy time boyfriend

An app where several pre-recorded phrases are combined with lovely pictures ;D

Pros: Gorgeous voice, handsome guy xD and has subtitles in English

Cons: The phrases repeat constantly Dx Different pictures would be nice too. Also I feel a bit weird using it :X

Rating: 7/10

Weaphones Gun Stimulator

A simple app to stimulate the sound and operation of three different weapons.

Pros: Fun to annoy your friends with, liked the animation

Con: More types of weapons would be nice

Rating: 5.5/10

Unicorn Dash

The free alternative to Robo Unicorn Attack! 

Pros: Same stuff, but free

Cons: The soundtrack is not nearly as awesome :(

Rating: 6.5/10

Little Hero *

This is one of those games where you are trapped somewhere and have to use/combine stuff around you to escape. 

Pros: Fun, quick game that even people who don't like playing these types of games will enjoy.

Cons: I had to use a walk through nevertheless xDD

Rating: 8/10

Next time:

Leviathon Trilogy

Masked (second info/profile book to Bleach)

MoteMote (otome game for Android/ios)

The Wallflower (manga)

Helter Skelter (manga)

Hoped this was helpful. See you next time :)

Sunday, 22 July 2012

Review Post #3

So I finally got circle lens xD I still have trouble putting them in… T.T''

Also I know I said I was going to review the apps but I haven't finished writing it and this had all the pics already, yay!

I am only reviewing one of the pairs this post because for some reason I can't find the pics for the other pair OTL Oh and I'm new to this so some of my points are probably really… noob xD

JO4 Brown - Fynale's Hime+ series

The bottle:

With flash:

Without flash:


Enlargement comparison:

My thoughts:

Design: Definitely not a natural type ^_^ I quite like the design actually. It does look better in photos, while in real life it looks really obvious that you're wearing lenses. OTL Excellent for a 'sparkling eye' touch to photo-shoots and cosplays, but it won't be a pair I'll be wearing daily (unless to scare my mum of course xD).

Colour: As you can see in the pics, these brown is sadly not very brown, especially compared to my eyes. It has a more yellowy tinge to it which is very disappointing and if you have lighter coloured eyes, this isn't going to be a good pair to wear (rhyming~!)

Comfort: The lenses were pretty comfortable but they weren't as comfortable as the other pair I bought (Prodigurls Chanel Blue :L) I'm afraid you'll have to look elsewhere for more details on this as I am not really good with knowing this one… T^T

This is a bit random but I really liked how you can tell which side is the right way out. I know you can determine by shape (the 'u' vs curve or something) but after wetting the lenses the both seem curved OTL

I hope that helped a bit, or at least the photos might have ^_^''

Here's what I wore the contacts for:

I entered this pic into a competition on Facebook, please like the pic ^_^ It would be much appreciated. Link:

Thanks xx ^_^

xxx See you next time~!

Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Random Humor Post: The Worst Three Shoujo Manga of All Time

(This was taken from my tumblr)

My thoughts on three really crappy manga. Thought Twilight/Fifty Shades of Grey was bad? Think again. Enjoy (?).

Number Three: Hot Gimmick
Synopsis: Hatsumi is a doormat. She is caught between childhood friend Azusa and childhood jerk Ryouki. Azusa tried to gangrape her with his friends. He wants her to suffer. She still loves him. Ryouki is abusive. He pushed her down the stairs once, causing her to be hospitalised and he continually belittles her and hits her. She eventually falls in love with him. Her sister Akane is a "slut". She is in junior high and has 'done it' with many, many guys and tries to belittle her older sister for still being a virgin. She tries to seduce Ryouki who rejects her, and so she 'reports' Hatsumi to Ryouki's crazy control freak of a mum. This is so that her sister's relationships will never work, not that they should anyway. Oh and she eventually marries Ryouki, unless you read the alternate ending. The end.

Me: I want to know why the hell this severely problematic manga has been listed as one of the top ten manga, twice.

Number Two: Fushigi Yuugi
Synopsis: Miaka is a clumsy, dumb doormat. Her friend Yui is the opposite, but still a doormat. One day they both enter a book world. They both become priestesses. Miaka is a 'good priestess' and Yui becomes a 'bad priestess'. This is because Yui thought she was raped when she got into the book. She hates Miaka due to this and has a crush on Miaka's love interest, Tamahome. Also the majority of the male cast fall in love with Miaka. And most of them die, too. Except Tamahome. They have a happy ending. The end.

Me: I'm pretty sure I'm more interesting than a doormat yet I've never attracted the guy I like. :(

Number One: Love Celeb
Synopsis: Kirara is another clumsy doormat. She is an aspiring starlet too. Her manager, who has a crush on her, says that in order for her to succeed, she should sleep with the producers so they'll offer her contracts. She doesn't want this to happen but he forces her anyway. He also likes to grope her from time to time. Anyway, she is pushed into a room full of them and when one guy makes a move on her, she cries about her virginity. This attracts Gin, who is of course the main love interest. He tells everyone to stop, and gives her his number and (though he just met her and it's crazy) he wants her to call him maybe. He is really interested in her virginity. He likes virgins. He says it's because he doesn't like the idea of doing it with women who have done it with others but we all know that he's insecure about his sexual performance. He keeps pushing Kirara to do it with him but she doesn't want to. Of course they do eventually. He also abuses her by calling her names that are offensive to her intellect. They marry too. Another guy tries to blackmail Gin and also does it many times with Kirara. Eventually he reconciles. The end.

Me: Um, hey. I'm a virgin. Any guy like Gin is retarded, by the way...

Me on all of them: I didn't know doormats were so popular these days. Also, what's the deal with having rape as a plot point (purely to titillate the readers btw). What am I talking about, I'm in that generation who read and watched Twilight.

Review Post #2

Food reviews~

I have a feeling this will be my specialty. LOL

Mother's Crepe (at World Square in the City)

Ordered: Caramel cheesecake crepe.

Opinon: The taste was sweet but not overly so. It was a good sized portion, and I was delighted to note that there was an actual slice of cheesecake in it. (It was plain though, and the caramel came from the sauce.) The cheesecake tasted as though it had just been taken out of the fridge though :( It was quite yummy and it's rather expensive to have frequently, but I liked it :D

Rating: 8/10

Ping Wei Ge (Outside Parra Westfield)

Ordered: Drunken chicken (lol), sour cabbage and fish, tofu hotpot, rice

Opinion: Wonderful experience. The drunken chicken had a good portion and an authentic taste. It was a little salty for my tastes but perfect as a side with the other dishes. The sour cabbage and fish was amazing. The soup was thick, spicy and yummy. The fish was lightly spicy, which enhanced its taste rather than disguised it. The tofu hotpot was the one weakness. There was a bit too much tofu and it was a little tasteless as the sauce had not permeated it. The rice was a good amount and even the tea had a good flavour and was not diluted like many restaurants. The ingredients were all fresh and the taste of them was not disguised by heavy oils or seasoning. An excellent, authentic experience for Chinese cuisine and I really recommend this place.

Rating: 9.5/10

Asakaze (Market City)

Ordered: Udon (negi and ?), chicken katsudon, tempura prawn and veggies

Opinion: Can I just say, I was ridiculously disappointed with the udon and chicken katsudon. My udon was not even udon, it was much more like ramen than udon, lol. The soup was oily and didn't have that signature Japanese taste, it was more like a dodgy version of a cross between Chinese, Japanese and two minute noodles. ._.'' The chicken in the katsudon was tasteless. The one save was the tempura. It was absolutely delicious. I've also had the sushi here before and was not disappointed. If you want to eat here, stick with the sushi and the fried food and stay far far away from the noodle and rice dishes.

Rating: 4/10

Next time I will review:

My favourite apps for Android :3 And not only are they my fave, but also... FREE! I will also talk about the apps I have just casually on my phone. LOL

See you then xx

Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Review Post #1

Hi all! I was supposed to review some things so I will review them all in one go (lol) ~lazy, lazy~

So this is a list of what I will be reviewing:

Wigfashion store on Ebay

Wonder by R.J Palacio (book)

A bit on Arcana Famiglia (both the anime and the manga)

I still have products I need to review.. *cries* But I haven't had the time to pull out my camera… So next time lol.

Also the manga "Say I Love You" (Sukitte Ii Na Yo) is becoming an anime! YAY! Okay, anyways…

Wigfashion Store

A few months ago, I bought four wigs from Wigfashion on Ebay. They were: a brown wig (Haruhi Fujioka), two blonde wigs (Panty Anarchy and Tamaki Suoh) and an orange wig (Orihime Inoue).

Shipping: VERY fast, I received my wigs about 10 days after payment. 

Price: Pricing was so-so. I was quite satisfied with these, just remember when browsing that some wigs can be bought for cheaper elsewhere.

Quality: The Panty wig is so thick it's insane. <3 Amazing.  Haruhi and Tamaki's wigs were also excellent. I was also very impressed with the wigs' colours. They looked realistic, especially the brown. It was only Orihime's wig I was a bit iffy with. It's slightly shinier than what I would have liked. It's quite thick though which sort of makes up for it :)

Service: Very good communication ^_^ Very friendly!

Other: Buy more than one wig and you can get $2 off every other wig you purchase. Has to be in same transaction and you have to email them to get it refunded. Also you get one free wig net with each wig you buy :)

Rating: 9/10


Book review

Wonder by R.J. Palacio

Synopsis: 10 year old August has a genetic condition which means that his facial features appear 'deformed'. His parents decide to send him to a nearby school so that he can interact with kids his age after being home-schooled for half a decade. The book follows the transition between being left out and fitting in.

My opinion: I loved it. Absolutely. I could not put it down for two minutes. I read it in about two and a half hours non stop. I also cried in some parts, but that's probably just me (lol). Let's talk more about my opinions about two aspects of the book -

Characters: Excellently developed. I loved most of the characters. They felt so human. They had both their good points and also their bad points, especially when you read the parts where some of them tell part of the story from their point of view. I felt like I could genuinely understand them. None of the characters were thin and the contrast between them was understood and excellently put across too. I would have liked more development of the character Julian though, otherwise it was outstanding. I simply love Auggie (the protagonist) and his adorable humour and Summer, but I felt I could really relate to the other characters, especially Jack.

Plot: Although the 'home-schooled kid going to school and their experience of fitting in" was a bit clichéd, the way it was executed was memorable and fresh. The idea of having the protagonist with repulsive facial features was new and alien to me and very interesting.

Rating: 9.5/10

Anime and manga review

Arcana Famiglia

I have seen the first two episodes and first six chapters only, so this isn't really a review, I guess. ^_^''

It's based on the PSP otome game and so is reverse harem.

So far I am liking the manga more than the anime. The overall storyline is interesting. Of course it reminds me of KHR for the mafia theme but it is very different :D

Synopsis: Felicita, the daughter of the leader of the Arcana Famiglia, finds out that her father wants to retire. As such he decides to hold a 'duello' where the Arcana members fight not only to become the next leader, but to be wedded to Felicita. Felicita is outraged that her father did not tell her this and so vows to choose her own path.

I love the art style. It's great ^_^ The storyline is a bit clichéd in my opinion. When her daddy justifies himself I'll see whether my opinion changes though. The characters are interesting so far. Felicita is quite a strong character so far, a nice balance of innocent and headstrong. I guess I'll have to wait before I make any more judgements. ^_^

The anime's one big failing so far is trying to introduce as many of the main male characters in the first two episodes as possible. The 're-introduction' in episode 2 was clunky and embarrassing. Though the opening of episode 1 drew me in immediately by throwing the audience right into the action and surging on with the argument with Felicita and her father, it sort of petered out in episode 2. That was quite disappointing. The manga did not seem to have this problem with a slight restructure of the beginning part.

Otherwise, I am quite intrigued as to what will come next with this anime.

Censored spoiler: I can't believe xxxxx is xxxx's xxxxxx!! :O What the?!

Next time: I will be putting up three reviews of various restaurants/eateries/etc. I have to find out the name of one of them (I forgot ;A;)

See you then!