Monday, 11 June 2012

Journal Blog #3

I have not had a proper blog update since, well, forever.

I can explain! I've been so busy it's absolutely ridiculous! ;A;

Well then, what have I been doing? Apart from the obvious assignments I have had a RIDICULOUS amount of extra-curricular activities, of which four I will go into depth about.

1. Sydney's Writer's Festival Excursion was amazing. I will go on and on about this, given the chance. Basically the authors there gave talks and then we could talk to them afterwards! I got to meet authors Lucy Christopher (author of Stolen), Mal Peet (who wrote Tamar and Exposure), Vikki Wakefield (an up and coming author), J.C. Burke (Red Cardigan, etc) and… and…. EOIN COLFER. Yes. EOIN COLFER, AUTHOR OF ARTEMIS FOWL. I was starstruck beyond belief xD I awkwardly told him how much I loved the Artemis Fowl series, and he seemed mildly impressed when I said I have read it more times than Harry Potter (true) and have been a fan since 2006. He was also a very funny speaker and told us interesting stories about his sons, a misunderstanding Californian fan and a Hobbit lookalike. Everyone in the audience was laughing so hard throughout his speech/stand up comedy routine. I am just so amazed that I got to meet him. I was kind of accepted that I would never be able to meet him, you know? Since he lived in Ireland and Australia is quite a long way away from, well, everywhere xD Also I brought along the first volume of Artemis Fowl because it's the one I always read, so every time I read it, I'll be reminded of meeting him! Oh I bought Airman and he signed AND personalised it too! (Even though he was only supposed to personalise one… and he wrote "my no. 1 fan" in it too! HEEEE!!!)

Now onto the other authors. Lucy Christopher was quite shocked when I boldly proclaimed to her that I wouldn't mind being kidnapped by a handsome stranger either, like her protagonist did in Stolen. J.C. Burke is hilarious but super kind (love the Hypothetical Game), as is Vikki Wakefield. (Can't wait to read her book by the way.) And Mal Peet was funny but kind of perverted! 

I have the autographs of them to prove it! I also took pics with all of them but I'm kind of in my school uniform, so for privacy reasons I won't be putting those pics up ^_^ But hey, I'm so happy <3


2. Science thingy where I met Professor Fred Watson. I have a pic with him… but I look uber derpy D: He was quite funny, and sometimes in a self deprecating way xD

3. Market Day The commerce students in our school had to set up a mini business where we sold food stuff to the rest of the student and staff population! I was the marketing director of our group, Popping Fries. We sold fries and poppers and were didn't buy enough fries as they sold out in about 20 minutes! Arghh. And we also did not win any awards. :( But anyways, I dressed/cosplayed as our team's 'mascot', which was so fun!! :D

4. Year 7-10 Musical Our school (and our brother school's) production of Me and My Girl is being performed this Friday and Saturday! I'm in the servants chorus as a maid… except the outfits are rather frumpy D: One of the organiser people was super nice and told us to experiment with our hair (and maybe makeup?!), keeping in mind it's 1930s.
Which meant I had to buy some extra makeup! >:D (good excuse lolol)
I'll talk more about those next time… (because I cbb getting up to find the exact names of the products lol)

Also I still need to post up some posts I have written but not quite finished D:

Argh, back to doing my science assignment…. ): Probably not going to get another post for two weeks but I'll try my best <3