Friday, 6 April 2012

Journal Blog #1 – Easter 2012

Today I went to Darling Harbour with my great friend Georgina ^3^ Why? To celebrate Easter of course!

So first we played on the play equipment. It’s just been renovated and can I say, it is AWESOME. I loved it. Hee hee, we were like the only teens climbing all over the whatsitcalled.

Anyhoo after that we went to the Imax theatre but there were no good movies on… so we had gelato instead. :D I had one scoop of a particular chocolate flavour (can’t remember exact name) and it was amazing! It was not too sweet which made it delicious.

After that we walked to Chinatown. I went into this makeup shop and tried drawing stuff on my hands… my hand now looks like a tiger’s back haha! There was a lot of Dollywink makeup (yay) but it was ridiculously overpriced. ._. I felt a bit outraged lol.

And then we went to the Asian Video and stuff shop next to it… SO MANY DRAMAS! And it was a Kpop fangirl’s heaven! All these posters, post it notes, so on and so forth… I saw f(x) merchandise and I really wanted some!!! Buuut I forgot to bring money to buy it… ^_^’’

Then Morning Glory… nothing much to say… and the stalls in between Chinatown. There was this guy dressed and painted like a statue. If you gave him money he would hand you a quote of his! When I reached for the quote he started teasing me by flicking his wrist so I couldn’t reach it >A<’’ But I managed to get it! It says ‘If they’re digging for gold, sell spades!’ – Liam Hogan

Next we went to Paddy’s markets. The wigs they sell there are soooo overpriced! >:( For an Orihime-style wig: $70 while online you can get it for $25… and for clip on pigtails, they sold a short one for $25…online you can get a good quality long one for $15 (and I’m talking about Arda, not Ebay!)

Finally we went to Kura, a tiny Japanese restaurant opposite Paddy’s Markets. It was pretty good! I had Tempura Udon for $10.50~ All the waiters spoke Japanese and there was this realllly hot waiter >///< He had hair like Eiji (from Prince of Tennis) and he was pretty tall… and omg, his voice. Hnnghhh! xD He was speaking Japanese and it sounded so beautiful ;A; and then he laughed. OHMYGODTAKEMENOWMYBODYISREADY After we paid I said ‘thank you very much’ in Japanese (arigatou gozaimasu, but you already know that…) and everyone nodded in return! Also my mum forgot her bag and had to come back and Mr Cutie Waiter waved at us (so I waved back huhr huhr).

Oh god, he was so omnomnomable >:)

And then we went home. Trololol anticlimactic ending….

My mum got us lost on the way… we nearly drove to Newcastle ._.’’

So that’s all! Sorry so much for not posting… heh heh. I think next post will be either on the wigs that I received a week ago (I was soooo excited!!) or how to wear…. ZETTAI RYOUIKI~!! Like as a fashion! ^_^

Alright tata!