Monday, 12 March 2012

Weekly Beauty post #2 – Beauty Haul

Alright! So I bought the Cannes face mask in red ginseng and tried it :D It smells weird, in a unique way, like a cross between beetroot and carrot. It doesn’t really cover some parts of my face, because the flappy bits at the cheeks were a bit wide, and the holes beside the nose part was also a bit wide for me (which is annoying because my nose is the driest part of my face).

Anyways I used it with moisturiser and my skin felt so hydrated afterward, hee hee.

I also bought a bright pink lipstick from Models Prefer (for our school’s 1950s day) and I must say, it is BRIGHT. Like, Malibu Barbie Bright Pink, haha! It’s pretty good, for $10 after blotting it does not smudge too much, but it still smudges. Use for day parties or a date, and I would recommend that you apply a layer of a pink lipgloss such as Maybelline Colour Sensational Lip Gloss in Pink Perfection, (MSRP $6.49). This combination, for me, looked amazing ^_^

Now then, I didn’t buy it, but I tried a sample of Revlon’s Photoready Foundation. Although people are raving about it, I’m not impressed at all. Firstly, the pump on the packaging is not very good. I pressed lightly, nothing came out, so I pressed a little harder and this huuuge amount jazzed out >:/. Then I patted a little onto the back of my hand, and holy mother of… it sparkles! Sparkles! Perhaps you’re supposed to use it with a powder, but let me tell you, I’m pretty sure that photos + shimmer = BAD. I have always, always, learnt (from experience) that having shimmer make up makes you sparkle like Edward Cul – ahem, a disco ball.

On the other hand, Nude Mineral Make up is amazing. Even the tinted moisturiser offers incredible coverage, it’s just… so expensive (however there is a larger volume!) I’ll probably be buying this when I get off my cosplay hiatus T^T

Anyways, today I was given the book “My sister lives on the mantelpiece” by Annabel Pitcher as a freebie, so expect a review for that soon.

That’s all! Till next time.