Sunday, 26 February 2012

Weekly Beauty Post #1 - Beauty Haul (part 2)

I finally took some photos of the products I have! Anyways… lipstick review, yes… yes.

Large face is large.

I tried it on twice. The first time, I applied lip balm underneath, which didn’t stop the lipstick from drying like there was no tomorrow =_= When I first applied it, for the first few seconds, it’s a lovely glossy red. Until, well, a few seconds later. And then it looks like my lips have gone through a drought. The cracks, my dear, the cracks!!! (Screams) And my lips are not dry to begin with. Anyways, the lipstick dries in patches too so you have to make sure you applied it evenly. -_-‘ Washing it off wasn’t fun, either.

The second time I applied lip balm underneath several times first. Then I applied the lipstick twice. This made the result much better. To remove, I put a layer of Johnson’s baby cream over the lips and rubbed, which made it so much easier lol. So moral: don't buy it if you have dry lips!

Here are the tweezers, they seem quite good! ^_^

The green tea face mask was lovely. I didn’t put moisturiser beforehand which was what I was supposed to do, but it still worked rather well. Note: I have combination skin. When I took it off, it was sticky for another 10/15 minutes. But then it was pretty good.

Here are the pics of the contact lens case... does anyone know what those things in the middle are called/for?

Anyways lately I bought a red ginseng version of the same mask, and a pink lipstick from Models Prefer. Will try out sometime.

As for news in general, I’ve been doing a truckload of assignments. Just as I finished two (Geo and Science), I have another Geo one and a History test. I also need to make my outfit for 1950’s day (for history! Yes it’s a 1950s themed excursion! ^_^)

Bye for now!


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