Saturday, 11 February 2012

Weekly Beauty Post #1 - Beauty Haul (part 1)

Sorry for not updating hee hee.

Anyways. I went out to buy some stuff today (from Morning Glory) and I thought I might share what I bought... (I haven't tried any of them yet, lol)... oh and none of these are my photos. >.<''

Bobo contact lenses case ($AU4.95)
(Note: It's a slightly different design, square but with that cat thing filling the whole picture, so it's just a light pink colour. Ahhh it's so cute.)
I don't actually wear contact lenses but everyone was buying circle lenses and I can't buy any (not allowed Paypal or meetings :( ) so I was feeling left out, HAHA. No really, it was just so cute I had to buy one... T.T I had a look inside and it has the case, a cylindrical bottle for the contact lense solution thingy, and the tweezer-like thingy with a scoopy spoon... thing. Haha, I don't know the technical words... It comes in the usual Bobo character designs though.

Kinepin Eyebrow Tweezers ($AU3.95)

I don't have a pic for this, sorry! On one side it has the tweezers while on the other side it has a comb. It's a denser metal compared to some other tweezers but it seems pretty good. The tweezer part is diagonal as opposed to straight across, which makes me happy haha. I also bought it because of the design... it looks pretty cool. (But some may say it looks like a surgeon's tools eeep.)

Cannes Green Tea Mask Pack ($AU1.95)
(I got the green tea version.) This is supposed to moisturise one's face. According to the instructions, you have to wash your face, put on a normal moisturiser then put this on for 20 to 30 minutes. I'll try this one out next weekend or something (right now I have nearly no time T.T) and we'll see whether this mask is all it's cracked up to be, huhr huhr huhr. It's pretty cheap for its size though...

Happy moment: Passing through Castle Mall, I went down the escalator but noticed that there was a radio station stall thing. My dad wanted to go back up because he thought he saw a friend, but I wanted to go back up because I saw MAKE UP LOL. So we went back up as soon as we got down the escalator (looking like complete RETARDS) and I walked over to see. Lo and behold, one of the women there was delighted to give me a lipgloss for free. Haha, I was quite happy because my instinct was total pwnage... xD I got a a Revlon ColorStay Ultimate Liquid Lipgloss in Miracle Mauve. (rrp $AU26.95). I read a few reviews, apparently it's very VERY drying, and a bit sticky, but stays on pretty well... hmm... well, if you get it for free it doesn't matter, right? xD I'll try this on sometime this week.
Gotta love free things...
So that's it. Perhaps I should do a post on what to wear for Valentine's Day, or dates in general? You know, give me an excuse to dress up and so on xD

Okay that'll be all. Bye bye~


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