Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Monday, 24 December 2012

Tutorial 4 - Last minute Christmas nails

Hey guys ^0^ 

I know, should have done this earlier! It's in two stages though: last minute nails and designs for if you have more time!

What you need:

Red nail polish (I got mine from Daiso lolol)
Green nail polish (Sally Hansen Hard as Nails in Green with Envy)
Silver nail polish (Sally Hansen Hard as Nails in Celeb City)
Clear topcoat (Sally Hansen Hard as Nails in Invisible)
Scotch tape/sticky tape (I used eyelid tape /shot)
Nail scissors
Nail brush (I used a thin one hardened by nail polish from Daiso) 

*Hint: I hate having dark red with dark green so used a paler, lime green instead. The red also has a fuchsia pink undertone.

Time is ticking
Ticking ticking ticking

Let's start!

The quick version

1. Apply a base coat of green or red. You can alternate or something too.

2. Use the nail brush to stipple silver polish in a tinsel like pattern across the nails.

3. Apply clear top coat. Done!

Christmas Stripes

1. Apply a layer of green or red as the base coat. It doesn't really matter which one, though the lighter shade is probably a better choice. 

2. After drying, cut thin strips of tape and apply onto the nail following the growth line OR diagonally. You can do across the nails, but to lengthen my nails I did it vertically. ^_^ 

3. Remove stencils. If you have time, gently dab the nail brush in the silver nail polish and stipple to create a tinsel look. 

4. Apply a clear top coat. You're done! 

The Christmas Tree

1. Apply a base coat of green.

2.  Cut out the shape of a tree into the tape.

3. Stick onto nails and paint over stencil in silver. Remove stencils once nails are dry.

5. Topcoat ^0^

And there we go! You can alternate them all, too. 

Here's my result: 

Have fun! 

Which are your fave designs? ^_^

Till next time~

Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Journal post 16 - Day out shopping with friends

Hey everyone! Sorry for not updating regularly, I've been filming something for Tropfest and so I haven't had much time >A<'' Sorry ;3;

Anyways yesterday I went with my friends to our local shopping center! I bought a set of eco-friendly make up brushes! They are for eye make up and come with a mirror ^_^ I will post a review within the month! ^_^

Here's a crazy selfie! 

And yes, I stood in front of a mirror and took the photo! I thought it might turn out interesting and it did :D 

When I came back, I was surprised to receive some packages in the mail! 

I bought a maxi dress (which was recommended by Closet Voyage in one of her posts, sadly it's only a midi on me *flails*) and a necklace. The necklace is for a Kingdom Hearts cosplay that I will do (someday haha). 

Anyways, it's always a great surprise to receive something you forgot to have bought! xD 

I also picked up my order for a dressmaking book: 

I received *free* hair chalk from Mocco Fashion boutique! (I had won a voucher and so I chose to get a box!) Tutorial and review coming soon! 

And I discovered some music I composed when I was... six! Now I can barely play the piano haha OTL

Also, I'm nearing 30 followers, so I've decided to have started planning a giveaway. Unfortunately, I can't start the giveaway until I've actually hit 30 followers, so if you'd like the giveaway to start earlier, please share my blog with your friends!

What have you guys been doing recently? Any interesting selfies you've taken? Or a wasted opportunity that you kind of regret?

Oh, and how's the apocalypse?

Till next time!

Saturday, 15 December 2012

Review post #15 - Formula 10.0.6 Best Face Forward daily cleanser

Hey guys, back with another review! 

I bought this a few weeks back because I wanted a gentle cleanser, and I thought I'd try out Formula 10.0.6's! 

Here's the packaging: 

 Product: The cleanser is a clear gel with a tiny tinge of pink. It smells super fruity and sweet! (Good enough to eat... but I stopped myself from doing that haha!) And of course, packaging is lovely! ;)

Result/opinion: This cleanser is amazing, so much better than the ones I've used before! It leaves my face feeling hydrated and refreshed, and gives skin a natural sheen. It didn't foam as much as I would hope it did, but the results more than made up for it.

Rating: 9/10

I still have two Formula 10.0.6, several Natio and Sally Hansen products to review as well as other ones, so stay tuned for that! /OTL

Till next time :)

Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Review post 14 - Formula 10.0.6 Pores be Pure mud mask

Hey guys! I'm back with another review! Recently, I won a competition where I got five of Formula 10.0.6's in large sample sizes for free! I've already reviewed two of the products before (Deep Down Detox and No Time to Shine)

Here's Pores Be Pure!


Product appearance: 

Scent: Contains strawberry and yarrow, but smells like strawberry yoghurt~

Feel: Unlike the other two masks, this one does not have a tingly feeling (which is personal preference really, and I think many prefer not having the feeling). Instead, it's just cold and dries quite tightly.  

Opinions/results: Skin clearing wise, this isn't the product for me. I have really deep blackheads, and the cleaning is quite superficial, which some other masks are better at (eg the No Time to Shine one). It's also quite drying.

However, after usage I did find that my pores looked much smaller. I guess this is more suitable for those with large, shallow blackheads. It is a good mask to use every so often to decrease pore size, though!  

Rating: 7/10

 Hope this helps~

Till next time~!

Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Tutorial #3 - Elegant nails tutorial (picture heavy)

Hey guys! Churning out the nails tutorials :D 

I had these for Sunday's cocktail party. 

What you need

-> Pale pink nail polish (I'm using Sally Hansen's Hard as Nails polish in Bamboo Shoot) 

-> Silver nail polish (Sally Hansen's Hard as Nails in Celeb City) 
-> Clear topcoat (Sally Hansen's Hard as Nails in Invisible)
-> Sticky tape/scotch tape/etc (I legit used some from a roll of eyelid tape LOL)

-> Lace/flowery nail art, white in colour 
-> Nail scissors 

Let's do it!

1. Apply the Bamboo Shoot nail polish over your nails. I had to apply two/three layers for it to be opaque ^_^ Leave to completely dry.

2. Cut a thin strip of tape and place onto your nails. I like to have a strip close to the edge on shorter nails and further on the longer ones. If your nail is slightly asymmetrical, you can paint the silver on the opposite side to make it look 'perfect'! ^_^

 Left hand

Right hand

3. Paint the silver nail polish as desired and let it dry. The silver nail polish is also good at hiding mistakes, which are more obvious in paler polishes. The nails on my right hand are not as good since I'm right handed, so I hid most of the mistakes with the silver, haha ^_^

4. Select a few nail art stickers that are the right size and stick them on your nails. This depends purely on your preference, really. 

5. Apply a topcoat and let it dry. Apply a second topcoat if desired.

6. And you're done! 

Till next time! ^_^

Monday, 10 December 2012

Journal Post 15 - Cocktail party and coord

Hey everyone! Yesterday I went to a friend's cocktail party, so here's a quick post about that! :) My makeup was super simple (ran out of time) but I might make a quick post tutorial about it :) I will be posting a tutorial for my nails within 24 hours though so yay! Hahaha

selfies, sunlight streaming, daily dose of genius

the beauty department, inspired, pink, foil, sally hansen

cake, cupcakes, yum, food, pink
Super delicious cupcakes and a huge cupcake CAKE! xD

I ate so much at the party - amazing canapes were available *A* And I drank so much lemon and lime bitters! Ahahah
Also, my Ipod refuses to play music =___= taking it back to the Apple store soon... 
And started watching Torchwood! It's like an adult version of Doctor Who haha
Here's my coord for the night: 

fashion, look, style, ootd, lace, white, gold

A lace dress is great paired with gold accessories for a chic, goddess look. Alternatively, go with nude pumps and a powder pink clutch for a princess-y, toned down look. 

Till next time! 

Sunday, 9 December 2012

Tutorial 2 - Metallic and pastel nails

Hey guys! Unfortunately since this was a bit of an experiment, I didn't have photos the whole way, but it's quite simple so I'm sure you guys will understand!

What you need: 

 -> A pastel coloured nail polish (I'm using Sally Hansen's Hard as Nails in First Blush)
-> A glittery nail polish (I'm using Sally Hansen's Hard as Nails in Celeb City) 
-> A clear topcoat (Again... I'm using Sally Hansen's Hard as Nails in Invisible)
-> A nail polish brush or any thin brush (I'm using the thinnest one from a Daiso brush pack) 
-> OPTIONAL sponge to smudge the polish

Other chic colour combos: 
-> Pink and gold 
-> Lilac and gold
-> Mint green and silver
-> Sky blue and bronze or silver


1. Prep your nails, making sure they're free of other nail polishes and so on.
2. Paint your nails with a layer of the pastel coloured polish. After drying, apply a second layer if desired. 
3. When the pastel colour is dry, use the thin brush to sample some polish from the glittery nail polish brush. This allows you to get a small amount of polish. 
4. Apply a thin strip to your nail. I did this asymmetrically and vertically. 
      -> Option 1: Allow the metallic colour to semi-dry before smudging/blending the edges with your brush. 
      -> Option 2: Gently smudge/blend the edges with a make up sponge. 
5. You can do the same size for each nail; I increased the strip thickness towards my pinky
6. Apply a clear topcoat and let dry. 

End result: 

Tada! Simple but chic ^_^ 

Till next time :)

Saturday, 8 December 2012

Review post 13 - Sally Hansen silver nail polish

Hey everyone! I have a few posts queued so hopefully that'll make my updates seem more frequent ;D (I actually have a lot of products to review OTL) 

So recently I bought several Sally Hansen nail polishes. 

Before I wipe all my nails for tomorrow (party~) I am going to review a nail polish and post a basic tutorial~ 

So I this is the Sally Hansen Hard as Nails series in number 220, or "Celeb City". 

Coverage: The first layer is of a medium opacity, but after two layers, it is very much opaque! 

Chipping: I honestly cannot say for sure how long it takes to chip as I've applied a topcoat of Sally Hansen's Invisible. It seems pretty strong though! ^_^

Colour: It's an incredible metallic colour - you can clearly see that is sparkles and is not just a matte silver. Personally, I found that this colour doesn't really flatter me as a nail polish. ^_^'' I did find that using it as an accent gives a pretty amazing result, as you'll see in my next post ^_^

Also, it reminds me of the Cybermen hahahah

These polishes are also great on your wallet - they're only $6.95 per polish (remember that's $7! ;D). 

Overall rating: 7/10

Till next time! 

Thursday, 6 December 2012

Society6 Phone cases and other merchandise

Hey all! Finally it's holidays! :D 
Today I wanted to introduce some products of a friend of mine's :) You guys have all heard of Society6, right? 

Well, it's a site where artists upload their artwork so that it can be sold as prints, cards, Iphone cases, T-shirts and throw pillows (and so on). The materials are all top quality, and I've seen a lot of AMAZING designs on the site.

But first, check out my friend's! ;D 

Here are some of my favourite designs (Designs come without watermarks of course): 


Crystallised colour

Patterned sunset

Checkout more designs and variations at: http://society6.com/MaddieWainwright and support her amazing work~!

Also, follow her on Twitter @maddiewainwrong

Till next time!

Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Journal Post #14 - Day out

Hey all! A quick update on what's been happening~ So yeah, school has finished. Woot!

On Sunday two of my friends and I went to our local Westfield to buy a present for our year coordinator and stuff for ourselves! We managed to get everything we wanted~ I bought nail polish and nail art: 

A nail tutorial will be up soon! 

We also went to T2 and smelt the tea leaves :D hahaha

Oh and this weekend I am going to a friend's party~ Still need to figure out what I am wearing and so on. :D

Hehehe~ Till next time~